Rachel Clarke Designs | About
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Hello! This is Rachel.

She’s a Senior Graphic Designer in Atlanta, GA.

She specializes in both print and interactive design with particular interest in branding, typography and motion design.

Optimistic, Creative & Curious


Growing up Rachel wanted to be a Dermatologist. She loved learning about skin and even made a 60 page Powerpoint Presentation for her freshman biology class in high school. Thankfully her mom saw an unlit spark of passion for design and set Rachel up to shadow a Graphic Designer for a day. From that day she was head over heels in love with the world of design.

One day, she would love to design a book about skin.

Hobbies & Interests

Roleplaying a Tempest Cleric Dwarf in a 5+ Year Campaign

Watching Broadway Musicals

Cooking a Tasty Taco Soup

Learning to Quilt

Swimming the Butterfly for short periods

Dachshund Crazy

Rachel has a dachshund named Daisy, who rules from soft beds, loves perching on the highest thing she can climb onto and is always wants to play fetch.