Rachel Clarke Designs | About
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Hello! This is Rachel.

Currently She’s a Senior Graphic Designer in Atlanta, GA. She specializes in both print and interactive design with particular interest in branding, typography and motion design.

Optimistic, Creative & Curious


Growing up Rachel wanted to be a Dermatologist. She loved learning about skin and even made a 60 page Powerpoint Presentation for her freshman biology class in high school. Thankfully her mom saw an unlit spark of passion for design and set Rachel up to shadow a Graphic Designer for a day. From that day she was head over heels in love with the world of design.

One day, she would love to design a book about skin.


• Roleplaying a Tempest Cleric Dwarf in a 5+ Year Campaign

• Watching Broadway Musicals

• Cooking a Tasty Taco Soup

• Learning to Quilt

• Swimming the Butterfly for short periods

Dachshund Crazy

Rachel has a lively dachshund named Daisy, who rules from soft beds, loves being on the highest thing she can climb onto such as the back of the couch and is addicted to balls.