Rachel Clarke Designs | About
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Hello! I’m Rachel.

I’m a Senior Graphic Designer in Atlanta, GA.

Specializing in both print and interactive design with particular interest in branding, typography and motion design.

Optimistic, Creative & Curious



Be approachable and accessible, and eliminate anxiety

Create a culture of honest engagement

Be specific and constructive when reviewing work

Improving creative and strategic processes by eliminating steps
that do not add value and optimize the steps that add value

Hobbies & Interests

Board Games / Card Games / Video Games

Watching Broadway Musicals

Cooking a Tasty Taco Soup

Learning to Quilt

Swimming the Butterfly for short periods

Atlanta United & All Blacks Fan

Dachshund Crazy

Daisy is my little dapple dachshund

She loves soft beds and perching on the highest thing she can climb onto

Fetch is her favorite pastime